You want to produce Cold-Process soaps? Get started with the Gildewerk Starter Kit, which includes an SQS quality system registration form.

Produce your own soap. Build your business and use Gildewerk’s environmentally friendly and pure raw materials, well-designed equipment and perfectly safe working methods. All this in collaboration with EU Soap Quality System (SQS), the official quality system for artisan soap makers.

In this kit you will find excellent quality raw materials and equipment to produce your own soap, and also a form, which is a first step towards joining the SQS quality control system.

The Cold Process Method

Gildewerk announces the Cold Process Method.

Gildewerk’s Cold Process Method marks a return to the basics of soap making and is hugely popular because it fulfils the present-day desire of people to use natural materials and leaves a lot of room for creativity.

This soap making method involves mixing plant-based oils and butters with lye (i.e. sodium hydroxide, NaOH). Together, the oils, butters and lye start the saponification process, after which nothing remains of the lye.

The saponification process produces natural glycerine, which has a highly soothing effect on the skin. This substance naturally occurs in every bar of Cold Process soap.

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and other manufacturing methods is?

Why you should choose Gildewerk’s Cold Process Method.

Gildewerk’s Cold Process Method can be summed up in a single sentence: pure ingredients, efficient equipment and safe procedures.

The method offers you a creative, environmentally friendly and responsible way of producing Cold Process soap. It’s a potential bestseller, especially when you consider the unique Quality System, which ensures that your end product complies with strict European Hygiene and Cosmetics regulations. According to these regulations, all soap makers must meet certain requirements because their products are applied to the skin. With a subscription to the Quality System, Gildewerk takes responsibility for the soaps produced and offers help and support with administrative obligations and handling of any problems.