Gildewerk for traditional craft entrepreneurs

Candle making and soap making are distinct trades. The devotion that goes into making candles and soap by hand can immediately be noticed by consumers. Gildewerk supplies a large number of companies around the world, which consciously choose the quality and reliability of our range.

For decades, Gildewerk has been a supplier to candle and soap makers around the world. Within this sector, Gildewerk has built up an excellent reputation by developing reliable  equipment, using safe ingredients and procedures and paying a lot of attention to inspiration, training and commercial support. The dedication and enjoyment generated by traditional enterprise yield commercial results that make a difference.

Get to know the
Les Maîtres Savonniers
quality mark

The Les Maîtres Savonniers hallmark offers several advantages for entrepreneurs. They benefit from a favorable price / quality ratio when purchasing and excellent sales margins for their products.

Take the next step and start becoming a real entrepreneur who creates beautiful, honest craftsmanship that repays itself in both satisfaction and turnover.


Update your skillset with the latest trends and techniques in candle and soap making