• Gildewerk only supplies the safest and purest ingredients that meet the stringent requirements of the current legislation



Join the family of responsible soap makers and you’ll be expertly protected.

Everyone knows that soap makers must comply with certain requirements. This makes perfect sense, because the product is applied to the skin. Irritations can be skin-related, but can also be caused by the soap. If the maker has complied with the specified requirements, he/she cannot be held accountable. Gildewerk can limit the number of requirements with which soap makers must comply if they subscribe to the Soap Quality System.

The EU Soap Quality System minimises your risk

The EU Soap Quality System is based on a division of tasks between the company and Gildewerk. In addition to being hygienic, the company must also work according to Gildewerk’s recipe, keep a logbook and apply characteristics to the soap.

Gildewerk supplies all supplies via the quality system and ensures, among other things, that it becomes the first point of contact for consumers who have questions or complaints. The EU Soap Quality System takes a lot of work off your hands and minimizes the risks. The use of a quality system is required by law. The EU Soap Quality System ensures that it remains possible and affordable for your company to produce safely. You can request extensive information about the EU Soap Quality System without any further obligations, or register via the website: sqseurope.com.

Are you interested in making a natural soap that is kind to your skin and the environment?

Sapo Bene – the quality label for all our soap makers

The ‘SapoBene’ quality mark of Gildewerk Quality Systems BV guarantees that the soap products are manufactured with approved, safe raw materials and according to the best recipe.