What is candle making?

With raw materials such as paraffin, stearin, beeswax, soy, rapeseed and sunflower you can make the most beautiful candles. The two most important methods for making candles are dipping and pouring. With only a small investment, you quickly have extensive options for making attractive, creative candles. For dipping, we deliver easy-to-use dipping equipment that quickly leads to a professional-looking end product. If you prefer to pour candles, use one of the many different molds in which you set a casting mix. Other working methods are rolling, cutting, punching or stacking. In addition, there is a world of possibilities in the field of decorating and packaging; the presentation of your product is important when you think about selling them. Whatever you choose, the Gildewerk family supports you, gives courses and workshops and supplies all raw materials, equipment, tools and other supplies for the small-scale or larger candle maker.

What is soap making?

The demand for small-scale but responsibly manufactured soap products is growing fast. With our wide range of pure raw materials (Palm-free / Palm RSPO / Olive-coconut / 100% olive / Bio / vegetable); with our self-developed soap machine that is experienced as the best; and with our safe working methods, you can manufacture products that stand out in the marketplace. Liquid soaps (with more and more diverse raw materials), cast soap, bath salts and bath caviar are also very popular with artisan soap makers throughout Europe.

Whether you work with our soap granulates or liquid basic soaps or through the Cold Process method, Gildewerk supplies all raw materials and equipment that meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, hygiene and safety that meets the strict European cosmetics laws.

What kind of budget do I need?

Even with only a small investment you quickly have options for manufacturing attractive, creative candle or soap products. We have budget ideas that can help you determine whether an installation fits within your spending package. The various starting packages are also a cost-effective way to get started. Whatever your situation, Gildewerk can help you get the most out of your budget. Let us know what your plans are and send your questions to holland@gildewerk.com or call 31 – (0) 23 – 532 22 55

Does Gildewerk have a showroom where I can browse around without it costing me money?

For an initial orientation, we would like to invite you to visit our showroom. We can show you what the different installations consist of so that you can estimate which are most suitable for yourself or your participants. We have starter packs for many installations, with which you can easily determine whether an installation fits within your budget. Please make an appointment so we can reserve time for you. Your visit is without any obligation and free of charge. Make an appointment via holland@gildewerk.com or call 31 – (0) 23 – 532 22 55

The workshops - when exactly are they?

To keep up with your field of expertise there are workshops in the spring and autumn. You become acquainted with the latest trends and techniques and discuss and try-out handy tips and tricks to the trade. Individual workshops for entrepreneurs are usually compiled on request by the customer. They are one-on-one, and you can also bring more people as a customer. The workshops for institutions are together with several institutions and have a program prepared by us. We can also give courses at home. Arrange an appointment via holland@gildewerk.com or call 31 – (0) 23 – 532 22 55

Does Gildewerk provide further support or am I all alone in this venture?

The Gildewerk family offers extensive support outside of our workshops and courses. If you have any questions or if something doesn’t work out, you can always call or email us. We will be happy to speak to you in your own language to answer your questions or solve your problems. Gildewerk has multilingual experts. holland@gildewerk.com or call 31 – (0) 23 – 532 22 55

Why is it so important that you work with our Quality System?

Gildewerk’s unique Quality System makes responsible soap making a lot easier. Join our Quality System as a soap maker and you are assured that you meet the strict European Cosmetics and Hygiene Legislation in an affordable way. As an individual soap producer, it is very time-consuming to arrange all processes in such a way that the increasingly strict European Cosmetics Legislation is met. Our Quality System ensures that you do not have to worry about this and that your soap products always comply.

Since Gildewerk’s Quality System has been active, many European producers have joined us. We take over the product responsibility from you, so that you do not have to worry if you are checked by control bodies, such as the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) in the Netherlands, and you receive questions about your soap products, processes and production space. We do this at a very competitive rate which ensures that you save thousands of Pounds compared to if you yourself ensure that you meet all legal requirements. No superfluous luxury it seems to us. Furthermore, the subscription offers benefits such as faster delivery, regular training, discounts on products and a triennial personal certificate of craftsmanship. For more info look at http://gqseurope.com/nl/

Gildewerk's cold soap process method

The Cold Processing method is causing a revolution in artisan soap making and more and more entrepreneurs and care institutions are interested in this simple, fun working method. Gildewerk provides all the knowledge and requirements to make a high-quality soap product in a safe, responsible manner. This includes special equipment, molds, safety clothing, accessories, saponification tables and recipes, to name but a few. The Cold Process can produce spectacular results that are friendly to the environment and to the skin. We recommend that you subscribe to the unique Quality System that Gildewerk offers – it ensures that your end product meets the strict European cosmetics legislation. No superfluous luxury it seems to us. Furthermore, this Quality system subscription provides benefits such as faster delivery, regular training and discount on certain products.

Why do you buy from Gildewerk?

Gildewerk is the specialist for artisan candle and soap makers. Success guaranteed. The love for the profession has brought us to where we are today. Today we have the knowledge, experience and professionalism to assist all our customers in a correct, personal way. Our range is wide and complete; thousands of quality products that have been carefully selected by experts and, if necessary, are renewed with even better products that meet the highest requirements.
Gildewerk offers convenience and support to anyone who has questions or when something fails. That is why there are so many candle and soap makers that are part of Gildewerk’s growing international family. We all belong to the family of passionate craftsmen.

Why is Gildewerk equipment so important for good results?

Whether it is the small-scale pouring of soap or candles, the automatic mixing of raw materials or the production of soap pieces with the Gildewerk Soap Machine, you must be able to trust that you can work without any problems. Safety, reliability and easy use are therefore important characteristics of Gildewerk’s work horses. We also devise and deliver customized equipment. Reliable manufactured and especially suitable for the larger, (semi) professional candles or soap maker. Gildewerk has its own technical department that develops, builds or assembles the equipment. Our technical department also ensures that our equipment continues to meet the most recent safety requirements.
Choosing the right equipment requires personal advice and detailed information. Call or write us for an appointment and for more information about the attractive prices of this equipment. holland@gildewerk.com or call 31 – (0) 23 – 532 22 55

Do you charge VAT?

In the Netherlands, 21% is added to all orders that are sent to an address in the Netherlands. In the rest of the EU we charge 21% VAT, unless the company has a VAT number, then they pay 0% VAT. Outside the EU we always charge 0% VAT and you must comply with your country’s regulations yourself.

When will my order be shipped?

We will do everything to ship items within one or two business days. If there is a delay, we will contact you by e-mail and inform you when your order will be shipped.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We use a European postal service calculator to determine the actual shipping costs for your order and do not earn money from the shipping costs. We will continuously investigate options to pass on lower shipping costs to our customers and make changes at our discretion.